I love creating beautiful things that stand the test of time, and enjoy whiling away the hours drawing intricate patterns and beautiful artwork. Every element takes hours to complete, but I feel the achievement in designing to that level so satisfying. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I love making it! And please don't hesitate to ask for custom work or scale and colour edits. I'm happy to help. Emma x
  • Oyster

    A soft warm Ivory Cream, rich and satisfying

  • Sherbet

    A little zingy, sweet but with a little hidden power

  • Butter

    Soft and mellow with deep cool undertones

  • Camber

    Dazzling pale sand seen through squinted eyes

  • Beech

    Warm and woody hints, a warm comforting hue

  • Pudding

    Sweet as it sounds, like late Sunday crumble

  • Freckle

    Sweet Irish freckles on the sunned arms of my love

  • Hola

    A warm friendly welcome with quiet country charm

  • Ava

    A little mysterious yet friendly and chic

  • Coast

    Walk along the shore with a breeze through your hair

  • Elemy

    A scented spa day with calming company

  • Sand

    Sunbleached coral sand on undiscovered islands

  • Pearl

    Smooth, soft and warm and bright as a button

  • Sunbeam

    A golden slice of late noon sun on your eyelids

  • Devon

    Rich and weighty like cream on warm scones

  • Apricot

    The sunniest blush on ripest fruit of the tree

  • Papaya

    Sunshine turned into sweetness and life

  • Turmeric

    Colourful & rich gifts of the earth

  • Pumpkin

    Spooky Season we scream for pumpkins in shadow!

  • Squeeze

    Beads of sweet juice bursting from their pods

  • Earth

    The earth of the continent rich, warm and reflective

  • Rise

    The sky calls to you softly in the early morning

  • Almond

    A taste like no other, sustanaince deified

  • Flat Peach

    The sweetest of natures favour condensed

  • Pollen

    Heady with the hum of summer living

  • Honey

    Thick, golden and glorious dancing in the sunlight

  • Snicket

    Never more lemony, so sour and delicious!

  • Sunshine

    Summer glows, your skin tingling with expectation

  • Honeysuckle

    Light and fragrant, the kiss of the morning light

  • Cornish

    Creamy and indulgent, a colour to be relished!

  • Cardigan

    The soft delight envelops you in familiar arms

  • Ice

    Cool and crystalline, a fresh bracing energy

  • Minted

    A luxury colour aligned with the wealthy of spirit

  • Cool Water

    As soothing as the sound of a babbling brook

  • Winter Sun

    Gentle and enlivened with the colour of it's warmth

  • Silk

    Light as air and as soft as a breath across your cheek

  • Dawn

    The early start of a sunny and glorious day ahead.

  • Skye

    After the Isle, clear with refreshing rain to come

  • Hope

    Feel hope gazing into colours of abundance

  • Beau

    Little, cherished & bright, all happiness & light

  • Elvish

    As if spun by the nimble fingers of magic folk

  • Shimmy

    A little dance of the waves to tickle the rocky shore

  • Lake

    Cool crisp water reflecting white Canadian clouds

  • Serenity

    This colour sings of calm and comfort to me

  • Madonna

    Happily singing my heart out under a bridge

  • Baby

    Not a pastel baby, this child wants to be seen!

  • True

    The True Blue I picture when I sing I love you

  • Zante

    Sun sand, sea - Oh the sea! Turtle Bay forever

  • Aegean

    Tight salty skin diving off a boat, hot to instant fresh

  • Silver Lining

    A magical cloud capture on my little old Canon

  • Delphinium

    Towering spires of blue seen at Wisley Gardens

  • Forget Me Not

    Little blue eyes blinking through the summer grass

  • Atlantic

    Deep and powerful, a colour of courage

  • Twilight

    Quietly await the stars beneath the velvet canopy

  • Pacific

    The sea at night, & when the storm steals the sun

  • Sailor

    A true navy, crisp and clean with a hint of ocean

  • Eve

    Softer than it's cousins, a little powdered class

  • Infinity

    Deepest, darkest, unlimited saturation

  • Summer

    The air is warm the sun is bright as your cheery step

  • Pegasus

    A mythological sky to hold creatures unknown

  • Sky

    A hint of sun in the fresh air whispers abundance

  • Santorini

    The feeling of fresh blue & white, fresh food and light

  • Toy Story

    Paintbox bright with happiness and adventure

  • Cupid

    Cherub Adorned chapels host creative glory

  • Fathom

    Depth and understanding, solid and unwavering

  • Caspian

    The Narnian sea before it's gazing namesake

  • Angel

    Heaven's scent lingers in the air when she sings

  • Audrey

    There is no greater beauty than kindness and love

  • Tiffin

    Lush regal velvets offset lovely jewellery

  • Trueman

    Clear of heart and mind, you know yourself

  • Tinker

    A little sprinkle of fairy dust goes a very long way

  • Macaron

    Deeper in colour because it has delicious density

  • Charlotte

    Sweet, strong and bold, she conquers her world

  • Angela

    The arms into which the baby steps tumble

  • Journey

    Never be afraid to traverse life's troubles

  • Pool

    The water must never be still, jump in! And again!

  • Santo

    The colour of the bay from Santo vineyard

  • Cascade

    Looking down beneath the surface is endless depth

  • South

    Following the sun, the water is warmer

  • Peacock

    Spread your glorious wings and sing in colour!

  • Dusk

    The evening sky whispers goodnight

  • Capote

    Crystal clear, bright eyed & calm with conviction

  • Hygge

    A hint of spring to see you through the short days

  • Sea Breeze

    The briny tang of the sea whispering on the breeze

  • Cosy

    Softened with age, gently light over times passing

  • Endive

    Roots and bulbs and flavour in spades

  • Sage

    Soft as down, freshly picked and fragrant

  • Vervain

    Silver magic is woven into her hair by angels

  • Kush

    A heady scent of youth and earth and fire

  • Homely

    A safe, strong and dependable welcome

  • Braid

    Faded silk, a braid upon her wrist from a love lost

  • Longstock

    A happy hen coos over her brood through the night

  • Softness

    Hand knitted with the bounciest wool

  • Heritage

    A classic powdered green, reminiscent of homes past

  • Davidge

    A family full of love with their own fresh traditions

  • Jenny

    A beautiful soul sees the good in everything

  • Siren

    For lovers of the deep and no mind for shallow living

  • Forest

    Creaking with history, the mists surround her

  • Glen

    A burst of space offers reprieve from loneliness

  • Brit

    Steeped in olde English she whispers of gardens

  • Glaze

    Aglow with fired colour, she longs to shine bright

  • Racing Green

    For my father, lover of old vehicles and tradition

  • Lichen

    A sonnet to the tiny world alive on my old oak tree

  • Chloé

    Safety and comfort, soft quiet in a noisy world

  • North

    The northernmost face of the Northern most oak

  • Constable

    When yellow to black delights first in green

  • Miss Moss

    The north feeds the birds with Kate's tiny forest

  • Stubecken

    The strange green scent of a thousand ladybirds

  • Verdant

    Abundance, plenty to eat and plenty to share

  • Olivine

    Twisty with trials of time like ribbons in the wind

  • Sapling

    Gentle shoots with power in their tender roots

  • Spring

    She awakes with energy bursting through the cold

  • Bud

    Like a Tardis waiting to open its heart to the sun

  • Tequila

    The tang of fresh lime and salt on a wave of fire

  • Twist

    A twist of peel releasing lime power into the air

  • Granny Smith

    A light bite, refreshing, cool and crisp

  • Salad Days

    Fresh and bright, belonging and comfort

  • Bramley

    Delectable sweetened with a little berry

  • Fern

    Soft underfoot on wind torn moorland

  • Dapple

    Little daubs of sunlight, impasto animated

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  • Rhubarb

    Zingy, bright and complex, not the slightest bit sour

  • Berry

    Rich vibrant warming and filled with sweetness

  • Coulis

    Soft and subtle, with a tropical fruity twist

  • Dog Rose

    Natures neon, wild pink roses in the sunshine

  • Kiss

    On Wednesdays we wear our hearts on our lips

  • Magnetic

    Softness is power in this bold chic beauty

  • Candy

    It takes maturity to revel in pure childlike delight

  • Flamingo

    A flamboyance in name and nature, celebrate!

  • Ippolito

    Sunshine created the taste of divinity

  • Puree

    Smooth as silk and twice as dreamy

  • Power Puff

    I see you bubbles! Lets fight for our happiness!

  • Rosé all Day

    An all day colour is good for your soul

  • Bella

    Pretty as a picture, and ready for compliments

  • Sunset

    The perfect end to a perfect day

  • Effie

    She's muted but she's terribly stylish

  • Chantilly

    A little vanilla sweetens the world

  • Sorbet

    Sweet with a twist and a slightly icy mist

  • Möet

    A little luxury, is sweet warm pink

  • Petal

    Cooler and so delicate, a more temperate pink

  • Bunny

    The colour of little bunny 'Socks' in my imagination

  • Chalk

    The cliffs of Dover spill their stunning colour

  • Paris

    Paris in the spring beneath the cherry blossom breeze

  • Potter

    Soft and malleable, a compliment to happy life

  • Piglet

    A collab with East Fork for a Spoonflower challenge