Meet the Maker

Aloha! I'm Emma Miller, Artist, Designer & Art Tutor in beautiful Edenbridge. ​Featured on @AdobeSpark, Top 25% on Unsplash +19 K Downloads & 2.8 Million Views. Best Selling Artist & viral Little Rebel Designer.

For the Love of Beauty

It all began with a love of beauty. From humble beginnings, I didn’t have the luxury of buying things, so I took every opportunity to teach myself how to make them. From newspaper shoes, to home made dress patterns, bleached denim jackets (BROS anyone?!) to cutting and colouring my hair - I have always been determined to make my world beautiful, even on a shoestring. Necessity really has been the mother of invention, and I’ve learned so much over the years. From wedding dresses to websites, furniture to fonts,  I’ll always try to learn when the opportunity arises and am always grateful for the chance to grow ...

Home Sweet Home

As an army kid, I was accustomed to moving house regularly. That continued in civilian life. With my dads diagnosis of Parkinson's we really struggled, so more moving was on the cards. I've had more than twenty five addresses! But in that time have learned first hand what works in a house, and what doesn't. What makes your space feel personal, feel special, safe, and intimate, like it's truly your home.

Another lesson I've learned is to only buy things that I truly love. Even the practical stuff - It's so worth waiting to buy one beautiful quality item that lasts, rather than a series of cheap stand-ins that end up in landfill. But more importantly, I learned from my dad the importance of self reliance, hard work and a kind heart. Soldiers aren't imagined to be gentle. But without a doubt, he proved it true.

Making Memories

I grew up with these two beautiful boys. Non Identical twins with very different personalities, they were none the less so close, and always had a special bond. With broken hearts we said goodbye to Chris, aged just 27. He took his own life after a long and difficult battle with depression. He was incredibly funny, lively and brilliant and I will always miss him. Nobody's story should end that way. But I'm so grateful for the time we had him, and so grateful for my remaining brother Joe, who I love so dearly. He's not just a sibling, but my friend, and my brother in arms.

A New Start

Losing Chris was a shake up. It unsettled my soul and made me re-evaluate my life. It took some difficult time to recover my equilibrium. But in 2010, with darling friends, a lot of bravery and patience from my children (and copious amounts of coffee) I graduated from Shillington in Graphic Design. It was a fresh start for my little family, and the beginning of turning my creative drive into a tangible career. The road to self sufficiency has been arduous, but I've learned all I can along the way. And I have the amazing Alison at Art for Life to thank for encouraging me even further, broadening my horizons to include teaching. I really am so lucky to do what I love every day.

Learning to Hope

I can't say the universe sent me success, at least in the traditional sense, but I try to make good choices, always work hard, go the extra mile and try not to get discouraged. I am so utterly blessed with the best family anyone could wish for. I'm inspired and encouraged every day by the bravery, resilience, intelligence and compassion they possess. And my amazing partner - patience like you wouldn't believe! So all I would like to leave you with in conclusion, is that life is messy. Life is tough. You don't always get rich by working hard and believing, but you do learn to hope by trying. And you encourage others to do the same. And what could be more rewarding than that? Lots of love my fellow travellers. Emma x