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I’m captivated by the pure magic of shoes. Femme fatales, rocking rebels, chic and unique, they carry a language evolved over generations. Just like animals signifying danger, resilience, sexuality & prowess through form and colour, we humans do the same. An interchangeable message to tell the world how we feel or who we want to be. They make us feel good. They make us feel bold, brave, sexy, cool in a way that clothes can’t quite do, because clothes can only drape, barely shape, decorate our very real bodies. Shoes in their solid nature, remain unchanged. Our toes slide in and become moulded to their form, our vision unaltered, their message remains pure. They become by intention, an extension of our bodies. An enticing appendage we get to choose, and change at our leisure. Slipping in the right shoes taps into something primal that our ancestors experienced: to gather, to hunt, to chase, to display power and sexuality. Just thinking about the excitement and attraction to new shoes starts adrenaline flowing through your body, dopamine and serotonin as well. So powerful is our relationship with shoes, especially in the case of high heels, people often don’t wear their favourites as much as others. They exist as treasures, perfectly sculptured art to be admired and adored, even if never worn. The saying “the higher the heels, the closer to God” reminds me that we believe that the right shoes elevate us, in ways not measurable by height. Although for me, particularly as a shorter person, a little height is always welcome!

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